Grateful Blogger Award.

Yesterday I was nominated for the Grateful Blogger Award by Maria Job who is the author of her personal Maria Job blog. This is my first nomination so I don’t really know how to behave myself 😉  My personal blog is quite new and fresh and Maria was one of the first bloggers who gave me support with her comments and likes, which was so much important for me. I’m so much thankful for her to appear in my life.
image1To accept Grateful Blogger Award You need to follow the rules:
Thank the person who nominated you, including link to their blog. List at least 5 things that you are thankful for. Nominate at least 5 bloggers who you are thankful for – check they are willing to accept this award. Optional: Display the Grateful Blogger Award badge in your award acceptance post
What I am grateful for:
1. I am grateful for the World we all live in.
2. I am grateful for the moments I am sharing with dearest people.
3. I am grateful for the Family and Friends from all over the world.
4. I am grateful for the opportunities I have and for the talents I`ve got and will get later.
5. I am grateful for daily inspiration and possibility to share it with everyone ❤
For the Grateful Blogger Award I nominate:
Lady Sergine Blog. She is wonderful Lady with whom we have started blogging cooperation. She inspired me to think about the things I`ve never thought about. Check her blog and get your inspiration and <3. 
According to Hind personal blog. The girl from my favourite country – Moroccowho inspired me to start writing my own blog. Check her wonderful blog posts and brightful photos and fall in love with the things she does. 
Jaipur through my lens. Wonderful blog full of photos which will inspire you to visit India. I have this dream of exploring India for many years already and the pictures of this blogger pushing me to achieve my wish sooner.
 A Human Thought Blog. Blogger who shares interesting and deep thoughts. Each blog post is a story which will make you to think about life more. 
Idealisticrebel. It might be the most peaceful blog, which I have in my reader`s folder. Interesting thought and wonderful blog posts – check it out.
So, I should also be grateful to myself to find time and write this grateful blogpost this morning. Be Happy!



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