Wish list. Why sometimes dreams are not coming true?

All the time I encourage people to dream and to believe in the implementation of their dreams. To show a good example I always try to follow my dream, but I have to admit it that sometimes dreams are not coming true, even if you`ve done may be even more that you could. Why is like this? I was thinking a lot on this question and couldn’t find the answer… May be I don`t deserve it to come true? Or my attitude towards this dream was not right?
I am strong enough to calm down a bit and then start fighting for my dream again and again, but…nothing has changed. I wasn’t satisfied with the final destination. It was like a dead end – no another way just turning back.
A couple of days ago I saw one movie, where the biologist, who is majoring on insects, caught a rare butterfly. He was so happy and he kept saying that this is a dream, to find such a rare type… The friend of the biologist took the butterfly from his hands and said: “Really? Is it a dream if you could catch it?”. After these he let her fly away…
Catching a dream
Catching a dream
Those words made me think about what if I would be able to catch my dream would it be of the same value for me since few days, weeks, years? Or it will become my daily routine without this specific tempting sense, which it has for me in this moment?
The rare butterfly was a “dream” for the biologist and if he would be able to keep her, that would definitely mean absence of freedom or even death for the butterfly, but his friend saved her and let her fly away to live her happy butterfly`s life.
So may be if we caught our dream we are killing it? And letting the dream fly high into the sky we let her live…forever, or until we will change the dream 😉
There is a positive moment in it. You would always know that your dream is in the safe hands of God and He is taking care of it for you.
Keep dreaming and love!
House of dreams
House of dreams

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